Repair Process

Step1. Disassembly

Once authorisation has been received, the autobody specialist in the workshop will begin disassembling the vehicle. Parts that can be reused are then labelled and stored for reuse.

Step2. Parts Ordering

A comparison is now performed between the originally quoted parts and the damaged parts identified after the disassembly. Should it be identified that additional parts are required, authorization is sought from the insurance company.

Step3. Panel Beating & Mechanical

Panel beating involves the use of specialised equipment that is more of a science of measuring points on the structure of the car to the millimetre to determine its adherence to the manufacturer’s specifications. Often mechanical repairs are required which is safety critical to you, hence performed and checked by trained personnel.

Step4. Paint preparation & Colour matching

Once panel beating is completed, joints are sealed, panels primed for protection and then finished in preparation for the paint application process.
Colour matching is performed digitally by scanners that match paint formulas provided by the vehicle manufacturers, and recommends the best fit to the colour of the vehicle, even if it is faded and aged.

Step5. Painting

Painting is then performed in a pressurised spray booth at a fixed temperature best suited for the painting process. The air used is filtered and moisture trapped prior to reaching the panel of the vehicle. This ensures a consistent professional finish. Once complete the vehicle is baked in an oven to allow for adequate setting.

Step6. Assembly

Your vehicle is now ready to be reassembled with panels aligned, electrical and mechanical parts installed and relevant diagnostic checks performed. Wheel alignment is performed when required. Safety checks needed are performed


Step7. Polishing & final checks

Painted panels are now polished to remove any surface dust along with older painted panels to display an even and lustrous vehicle.
Checking panel gaps, paint quality and finish, assembly of interior panels and functionality and operation of components is followed by performing a test drive .

Step8. Delivery

Once your vehicle has been passed by our quality technician, it is cleaned inside and out and you areinformed of its readiness to be returned to you.

Your pride and joy is fetched and back where it belongs !!!